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Children's World International in India

Compilation of CWI's tour of Bhopal Jan 2013

Children's World International in Uganda

Compilation of CWI's Tour in and around Kampala Oct - Nov 2010

Children's World International in Aceh

Compilation film of CWI's tour of Sumatra October - November 2008

Time lapse of show in Sumatra

100 min show in 2mins courtesy of timelapse. Not our biggest show (about 70 villagers) but certainly worthwhile. This is the show where I got a whip in the neck. Spot it if you can!

Housing in Aceh

A video-slide-show from January 2007. The late Arabella Churchill and her husband Haggis McCleod were touring Aceh for Children's World International, and at the same time carrying out a commission for Michael Eavis, organiser of the Glastonbury Festival, who gave money for rehousing those made homeless by the tsunami. This video simply brings together some of their photos taken on the visit.

Thai TV Interview on CWI