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Workshops for S.L.D. children


Video Workshops

Children’s World has a high quality video camera and excellent editing software which allows us to create great films with children of all ages and abilities.

The two following workshops are available at any time, but we are also happy to work with schools to create bespoke workshops to cater for your specific requirements.

1. Faces and feelings.

This workshop uses a special set of masks to explore and identify different emotions.The children are invited to wear a mask while the others describe the expression on the face.

After the mask has been described we encourage the wearer to move in ways that fit the expression.

This workshop is filmed with notes being taken of the words the children have used to describe the mask.The footage is taken away and edited to music with the words the children have used being displayed alongside the masks.

The final film is put on DVD and delivered to your school within 14 days of the workshop.

This workshop is a unique and entertaining way to explore different emotions and the film is a useful resource for further work.

2. Music Video Workshop

This is a great workshop for schools that are looking for something to reward a group. Using a song that’s well known to the group, we improvise a film to go with the song.

Filmed in front of a green screen – we are able to superimpose different backgrounds to create a video as wild and imaginative as you like!

As well as being great fun and making an excellent treat, this workshop also promotes team building and communication skills alongside stimulating creativity.

Songs used in the past include Monster Mash, Amarillo, Star Trekkin, Happy, Gangnam Style, School’s Out plus many more. We are happy to use a song of your choice.

The cost of these half day workshops (including post workshop editing and DVD production) are £150 each plus transport.

Book both workshops for one day for only £250 plus transport.


Del’s Deliveries

For S.L.D. Key stage 2 students

Meet Del – a delivery man who delivers parcels to people who we might meet in our community.

In each session the students “travel” with Del in his van to deliver a parcel and find out about the customer and their job. Each customer uses games and activities linked to the curriculum, to illustrate what they do in the community.

The journeys to and and back from the delivery are realised via an interactive video projection of a road trip. The films give opportunities to learn left and right, traffic light sequences and road signs. The return journey also includes a memory game.

There are 12 sessions available under the umbrella of Del’s Deliveries – each session runs between 60 – 90 minutes and can cater for approximately 15 students.
They are available as single sessions or can be booked as a series of weekly visits.

Sessions include meeting a farmer, builder, policeman, doctor, scientist, songwriter plus many more! Using this format we are able to cover many aspects of the key stage 2 curriculum including number, letter and shape recognition, sorting skills, memory recall and counting.

P.S.H.E. and communication skills are also addressed in enjoyable and accessible ways. Our play leaders use Makaton and Symbols where appropriate, and include plenty of tactile material.

Each session costs £100 plus transport.


“…it was a huge success …inspirational, exciting and energetic …in the words of one of our students, you were better than telly!”
Class teacher, Lark rise School, Trowbridge

“The students’s enthusiasm and pleasure were very evident, and some who are usually rather quiet and passive became keen vocal contributors.”
Class teacher, New Fosseway School, Bristol

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