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Under The Sea adventure for P.M.L.D. children

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Children’s World are pleased to announce our new workshop for P.M.L.D. children.

Using a mixture of textures, interactive objects, scents, music, video and characters the children are taken on a journey underwater. Once there they meet Professor Nautilus in his underwater laboratory and have a chance to research what lives and grows under the sea.

Session structure

The children are welcomed aboard the HMS Haddock by Captain Cod who explains that they will be journeying under the sea to meet Professor Nautilus and learn about life in the ocean. Some children are then chosen to help pilot the submarine to it’s destination.

The journey is realised via an interactive film that shows the underwater trip arriving at the Professor’s laboratory.

Once with the Professor, the children are encouraged to learn as much as they can using items from their investigation packs and from items found in the environment.

Each pack contains various objects that are found on a beach and underwater along with an assessment sheet to record the level of interaction achieved by the children.

Alongside the packs there are other sea related items scattered around the environment that can be explored. Included is a bubble tube, interactive bubble blower, sea related jigsaw and various cuddly sea creatures.

The session closes with a song led by the Professor before “journeying” back to school with new pilots chosen to help guide the submarine home.

This return journey includes a memory recall game using sea related images which the children have to find from a mixed selection of pictures.


We are able to create a soothing, ambient environment for the session with a simple, robust structure made from drapes and stands creating a warm, soft area with an underwater theme. The structure measures approximately 4m x 4m (but can be adapted), and would easily fit in a school hall.

Each session runs between 45 – 60 minutes.


Each session costs £100 plus transport. Book 3 sessions for one day for £250 plus transport.

For more information about this workshop, or to book a visit to your school please get in touch for a friendly chat.

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“The level was exactly right for our children… both children and staff always enjoys Children’s World’s tours… the value to our pupils is immeasurable!” Class teacher, Avalon School, Street