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What others think of us

A selection of quotes on the work of Children's World, from Special Schools, Mainstream Schools, and official bodies and other charities.

Tributes from Special Schools

Faces come to life
"One boy in my class now relates very well to the people of Children's World, whereas he used to cling to me when any other adult was around. This has helped in his relationship with other staff at school too, and I am sure it stems from our Wednesday mornings with you. I have watched normally expressionless faces come to life with real enjoyment as they participate in your workshops."


Effect on the children
"Drama is a vector for language and physical confidence which is a vital area of experience for the more severely handicapped. The effect on the children of Children's World's workshops has been very significant, and the staff concerned feel strongly that they would wish the series to continue."


Wonderfully applicable
The sessions always had the correct balance of fun, with a variety of curriculum areas being covered as the weeks progressed. The "Science Workshop" covered a whole range of concepts which were wonderfully applicable to the varying ages and abilities within the school."

- Class Teacher, Selworthy Special School, Taunton.

Anticipated with excitement
The atmosphere of enjoyment and enthusiasm permeated all the activities, and each session was anticipated with excitement. The pupils became so involved that they could be found discussing and planning suggestions for the video scenarios during breaks before the sessions. The activities and video topics were appropriate to the experiences and social problems faced by the pupils, and the solutions found during the workshops have been a valuable development tool for the participating pupils, as well as the video being a very useful resource within the PSHE teaching programme with other classes and year groups."

- Class Teacher, Culverhill Special School, Yate.

Unforgettable experience
"This Workshop Week has to be the best we have ever been involved in, and was an unforgettable experience for both children and staff...I feel the children have had a unique opportunity to integrate and work with children from Monkton Priors and St. Georges, which would not otherwise have been possible. They have achieved and learnt a great deal from the experience, and they have had so much fun that it has been a delight to watch them."


Fantastic Children's World team
All the children taking part develop friendships, confidence and self-esteem, and achieve things they themselves never thought possible, thanks to the dedication and sheer hard work of the fantastic Children's World team. It is a privilege to be able to work with them."

- Class Teacher, Summerfield Special School, Bath.

Endorsements from official bodies and charities

Highly sophisticated operations
"They are not an organisation devoted to ephemeral five-minute enthusiasms, but a well-organised body with their feet on the ground and their heads in the clouds. The programmes have been conceived entirely by Children's World and have been successfully developed by them from their first conception to highly sophisticated operations at virtually no cost to the schools and enormous benefit to the children."


Must be unique
"Your concept is such a simple one that it is difficult to grasp! Instead of the usual, stilted, self-conscious school performances, geared to painful learning of parts and songs in the conventional pattern, often so beset with failure for handicapped children, and even sometimes humiliating to watch, you encourage the children to evolve their own stories and joyfully express themselves at their own pace. The contribution to their confidence, imagination, self-expression, poise, etc. must be unique."


Enthusiams, expertise and exciting activities
"The contribution Children's World has made in Somerset, removing barriers and bringing disabled and non-disabled children together has been invaluable. I do hope that they will be able to continue bringing their enthusiasm, expertise and exciting activities to out-of-school projects well into the new Millennium."


Good value for money
Somerset Children's Fund has been pleased to work with Children's World on several occasions over the last year, bringing Anti-Bullying Workshops into schools and other settings. They have without fail, been very well received by the agencies and participants alike. They have always been very professional, working well with the host organisation. They offer good value for money, bring skills, knowledge & enthusiasm, and provide imaginative and stimulating input on a variety of issues including the thing which is of such great importance to children, young people and their families.. .Bullying. But, above all the members of Children's World are able to communicate effectively and meaningfully with children and young people, to such an extent that the children have great fun, really do participate in the action and yet are seemingly unaware that what is going on is an Anti-Bullying Workshop. We recommend them without reserve."

- Programme Manager, Somerset Children's Fund

Tributes from Mainstream Schools

Tolerance and understanding
"My class really felt that they met and got to know their visitors during our Integration Week with Avalon Special School. You could really see barriers and prejudices being overcome. By the end of the week they were interacting like one large group, treating the Avalon children in much the same way as they treat each other. Words such as tolerance and understanding do not crop up too often in these days of prescribed curriculum and endless assessment. Just for a week we remembered the importance of such wider issues and in an enjoyable and fulfilling way learned important lessons in respect and friendship with people we might have previously felt little in common with. Long may such work continue!"


Quickly built us a rapport
"Although I felt completely exhausted, I would not have missed the Bullying workshop - it has helped me to have more of an insight into some of my pupils that I might not otherwise have gained as early in the year. The way in which your team work with the pupils is superb - they quickly built up a rapport and made the children feel at ease."


Perfect answer
"It seems to me that your organisation has found the perfect answer to enable our handicapped children to mix and work alongside their peers from mainstream schools in both a relaxed and tremendously exciting atmosphere. We offer you our whole-hearted support."


Transition Workshops were tremendous
The Transition Workshops were tremendous, and we are really looking forward to your Consultancy Workshops and Inclusion Workshops. We have the utmost confidence in Children's World, and look forward to a continuing relationship.

- Head Teacher, Brookside Primary School, Street.