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Glastonbury Zombie Walk

Glastonbury Zombie Walk 2018

Our Glastonbury Zombie Walk went brilliantly on Saturday – everyone telling us had a fantastic time! Thank you to all the amazing zombies, big and small, the crowds that provided willing victims and the Zombie hunters from Shadow of Tor that successfully defended the town. HUGE thanks also to our crowdfunders that made this event possible, everyone that gave on the day, and all our volunteers – you really are superstars! The zombies also say many thanks for the brains or “Nnnnnrgrrhhhhhaaahhhhgg.” in ‘zombie-speak’ (we’re all fluent at Children’s World). We raised £353.86 for our performance work with children of all abilities! If you’d like to support Children’s World, and community events like this, then please donate via our Localgiving page. Thank you! 

Event fundraising details: £358 was raised via Facebook to put on the zombie walk, £285.86 via the street collection on the day. We spent £10 on room hire, £5 on printing, £225 to the Carnival Club for the road closure and £50 to Shinetime for running the flash mob

Last year’s shenanigans

The Flash Mob

The Walk

Children’s World would like to thank Maggie Dear and Martha Care for kindly handing over their Zombie Walk to us! 🙂