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What we offer Mainstream Schools

Over the years Children's World has developed a formidable arsenal of skills and techniques for teaching children and changing attitudes, through such means as drama, music, video - and always having fun.

It is not surprising that schools have called on the Charity to run workshops on a wide range of important issues that lie outside the normal curriculum but make a great difference to the life of the school and all its members - such issues as bullying, peer pressure, working as a team, attitudes to children with special needs, moving from primary to secondary school. Children's World has also provided training for playground assistants in promoting positive use of break times.

The Director has written recently:

"We feel that our team leaders now have so many years of experience under their belts and can communicate so well with children and young people that they can use the many different techniques and exercises they have developed over the years to address almost any problem area."

The links below provide details of our work in this field. For further information or help, please use the 'Contact us' link on the menu on the left.

Anti-Bullying 1 - performance and debate.

Anti-Bullying 2 - film making.

Peer Pressure

Team Challenge Days

Transition to Secondary School

Living History: Tudors Workshops

Lunchtime Games Training for Supervisory Assistants