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Children’s World Transition Workshop Day


Supplementing usual transition work, this whole day workshop examines the social and emotional aspects of changing schools.

Moving from Primary to Secondary education can be a difficult change for some children. With this in mind Children’s World have developed a workshop day that supplements the regular induction work already offered by schools.

Using the secondary school as a venue, a selection of up to 30 students from the associated primary schools are invited to this special workshop day that focuses on the social and emotional aspects of transition. We try to keep our day in line with the school breaks so our group can experience the social aspects of normal school days.

The material is aimed particularly at dissipating concerns and helping the pupils see how they can look after themselves and their fellow students, and be successful and confident in a new environment.

Using a combination of games, discussion and challenges, the group are encouraged to examine their thoughts and feelings around their move to secondary education, and gives them a chance to experience working in different groups of their peers in a safe, monitored environment.

The Workshop Day

The first part of the workshop uses different games and activities that encourage working together, alongside discussion that allows the group to look at the level of their participation and their feelings about doing this.

Plenty of time is given to talking about being in a larger group of people and how it might affect people in different ways.

Time is also given for the children to meet and chat to year 9 students. We try to make this as informal as possible so the children might ask questions that they may have felt too worried to ask in a more formal setting.

Year 9 students are ideal as they still remember their own transition experience and are able to offer practical information and advice to the group.

In the second part of the workshop the group is split into 2 teams. Having had a discussion about the qualities of a team leader, each team elects a captain with the understanding that the team has to stick to the captain’s decisions.

At this point a list of challenges are given and the captains have to assign members of their team to each task. The tasks are then completed as a competition against the other team.

This part of the workshop demonstrates effectively the importance of team dynamics and communication and constant discussion is held throughout encouraging the group to think about the consequences of their decisions.

The workshop closes with a recap of the day and time to resolve any issues raised.


Each workshop day can cater for up to 30 students and costs £500 plus transport.

We provide all equipment needed for the workshop – all we require is the school hall (or equivalent size space) to accommodate the group being able move around.

All our staff have current DBS certificates.

Children’s World have been running Transition workshops for over 10 years that have proven to be a positive way for children to examine the social aspects of their move.


“Fabulous day as always – well structured and delivered by Children’s World”
Deborah Loveridge, Crispin School

“The Transition Workshops were tremendous … We have the utmost confidence in Children’s World, and look forward to a continuing relationship.”
Head Teacher, Brookside Primary School

“Children’s World is adept at tailoring activities to specific groups of young people and encouraging them to take part actively so that they learn but have fun at the same time.”
Catherine Rubbo, St Dunstans School

For more information or to book this workshop please get in touch:

Tel: 01458 833693