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Children’s World Anti-bullying Workshops Supporting National Anti-bullying Week

Bullying is an issue that regularly needs to be addressed in schools and it can be difficult to think of new ways to engage students’ enthusiasm and focus.

National Anti – Bullying Week is a great way to remind students of your school’s policy if bullying should occur and for students to voice their thoughts and opinions around this topic.

To support this awareness week Children’s World has 2 whole-day workshops available to schools.

Workshop 1: Performance and debate

This whole day workshop caters for up to 30 students in the morning and can include many more for the afternoon presentation.

The morning session discusses and defines “bullying” with the students before rehearsing a performance piece that portrays stylised examples of the issues. This piece is easy and fun to learn, and requires no speech.

This performance, set to original music, is presented to an audience in the afternoon session as a starting point to a discussion around the theme of bullying.

The afternoon audience can be as large as the school hall can allow and provides a unique way to ensure everyone is aware of the school’s policy towards bullying, and the possibility of updating or improving strategies.

Workshop 2: Video Workshop

This whole day workshop caters for up to 30 students.

After initial discussion to define “bullying” in general, the students are encouraged to give different examples of bullying and how they might occur within the school. These examples are then used to create a short film, shot around the school, that portray the examples given.

The day finishes with a discussion on any issues raised followed by recapping the school’s policy in dealing with these types of problems.

After the workshop day the film is taken away, edited and put to music. The final film will be mastered on a DVD for your school to use as a resource for subsequent anti- bullying work.

Schools who have had this workshop often show their film at an assembly to stimulate discussion about bullying.

You will receive your DVD within 14 days of the workshop.

Both these workshops are suitable for students from years 5 – 8. They have been designed to provide an alternative, unique and entertaining way to cover a potentially sensitive issue.

These whole-day workshops are provided at a cost of £350 , with no additional travel costs within 35 miles of Glastonbury.

“I think it will help people if they are the victim and I will help bullies stop bullying others. If I get bullied I will stand up for myself without myself turning into a bully.” Pupil, St Philips Primary School, Bath

“All the children were able to let go and engage and their behaviour was great because of it.” Teacher, West Pennard Primary School

For further information about these, or other workshops available, please get in touch:

Tel: 01458 833693


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