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Children's World was founded in 1981 to provide educational, creative and social benefits for all children with particular reference to children with special needs.
We work mainly in the South West of England (although we have worked across the U.K. and still do), and run a huge variety of workshops in schools and special schools. We also undertake out of school work and run two brilliant Children's Festivals each year.

"We feel that our team leaders now have so many years of experience under their belts, and can communicate so well with children and young people, that they can use the many different techniques and exercises they have developed over the years to address almost any problem area."
- Arabella Churchill, Founder

Aims and Objectives

  • To provide educational, social and emotional benefits to all children, especially those most in need, both in and out of school periods
  • To enrich the lives of children, particularly those who have special needs, or those who are socially disadvantaged
  • To run special workshop sessions, both in and out of school, for children with special needs, that will increase confidence and raise self-esteem
  • Through our integration work, to provide children with "special needs" with unique opportunities to work and play as real equals with their mainstream peers; to create on-going links and working relationships between special schools and neighbouring mainstream schools that will benefit all the children involved, and facilitate the "inclusion" process
  • By our integration and inclusion work, to enable mainstream children to participate fully and happily with children who have special needs, and have tremendous fun while doing so — so that they grow up with less fear and prejudice and with a far more positive attitude to "disability"
  • By our playdays and children’s festivals to provide high-quality, low-cost events with a large variety of performances, workshops and activities at an all-inclusive price so that even the poorest families can participate & where children of all abilities from all walks of life can enjoy themselves fully
  • To work at winning over the hearts and minds of those involved to a commitment to the full participation of those with a disability into society
  • To constantly experiment with different formats, themes and ways of working to achieve these aims; to constantly invite feedback from schools and social and education services and other voluntary agencies, and to constantly try to improve our work so that we can offer the most benefit to all the children we work with, particularly those with special needs.
Although Children’s World is a serious charity with serious aims, the keyword to all our work is "FUN" — Children's World believes strongly that when children are having fun and enjoying themselves, they are far more open to educational learning, creativity and the better aspects of their nature which we wish to cherish and nurture.