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Haggis McLeod

Haggis McLeod

Haggis McLeod has been involved with Children’s World since 1985, when he first performed at the Glastonbury Children’s Festival as part of Zippo’s Circus. It was there that he met Arabella Churchill and they went on to marry in 1988.

In the subsequent years, Haggis was involved in many of the charities projects, both in the UK and abroad. In 2008, after Arabella’s untimely death, he became a trustee.

A world-renowned juggler, Haggis still performs and teaches his craft at circus schools and events across the globe and has taken over Arabella’s role as organiser of the Theatre and Circus areas of the Glastonbury Festival. He has one daughter and, thus far, two grandchildren.

Martin Casey

Martin Casey

Martin is new to the team in 2016.

His background is broad, encompassing business management and development, training, systems analysis, coordination, logistics and event management.

He has supported CW through independent fundraising for many years, and is now privileged to be part of the team, and in a position to help the charity to achieve it’s goals.

He has four children, loves family life, festivals, travelling, old Italian cars and outdoor activities. Many of the outdoor activities are related to the Italian cars breaking down…

“We are all part of our local and wider communities, and the more energy we all put in, the more pleasure we all get out”


Catherine Busby

Catherine has been involved in the charity, in one guise, or another for almost 20 years. She has been a trustee for 7 years, and enjoys the opportunity to help maintain and further the charity’s wonderful and valuable work.

She has a passion for learning, which has resulted in her re-entering education at 40, and has since gained a degree and an MA in Creative Writing.

Alongside the written word, Catherine loves to bake. She combines this pastime with time spent with her grandchildren, and hopes she is creating tasty, and happy memories with them.


Bruce Abrahams

Bruce has been a Trustee of Children’s World for 10 years.

Professionally he started his career in the theatre world as a technician & stage manger before moving into television production, where in now works in production management & occasionally has a chance to dabble in live events.

He lives in Bristol with his partner & daughter and, when not away working, enjoys the varied life the city offers and indulges in his love of cooking eating & travel.

He is delighted to be part of the Children’s World team moving the charity forward to its next phase.


Maggie Dear

Maggie is safeguarding trustee for Children’s World. An independent social worker and safeguarding manager, since graduating in 1992, Maggie has spent many years working in child protection and social work across statutory and voluntary sectors, before moving into strategic Safeguarding and Quality Assurance and IRO and child protection conferencing service management.

Maggie is also a trustee of NAIRO. In 2006, after losing her daughter to cancer, Maggie founded and ran a family support charity for children with similar life-threatening or life limiting illnesses, based in Bristol Royal Hospital for Children.

Jill Barker - Giving up Dairy Shot for Life & Style - 09/6/2014 ©ALISTAIR HEAP +44(0)7967638858 Credit all Photographes: Alistair Heap

Jill Barker

Jill Barker has been the owner of Middlewick Holiday Cottages, Glastonbury since moving from London with her family in 2011.
After leaving the investment banking world when she had her son in 1999, Jill founded Green Baby selling organic baby products and washable nappies. Over the 10 years she owned this she built the business up from scratch to have a thriving wholesale business, 5 retail shops and a successful mail order/online retail business. When the company was sold, Jill purchased the Middlewick property to develop with her husband.